Terms & Conditions

Personal Data

Phonelab is not liable for loss of data during repairing of a phone, tablet, or any other device. We recommend backing up any device before a repair, removing all SIM and memory cards before servicing. Phonelab is not liable for loss of any personal data during the repair.


Repair Warranty  

We have a 90 day warranty on repairs and repaired parts from Phonelab. All repairs (with the exception of software related, battery and water damaged devices) come with a 90 day warranty All warranties are void if the device has been dropped or any other external damaged is incurred during the warranty period.


Liquid Damage

Phonelab can repair electronic products with liquid damaged but there is NO WARRANTY on any liquid damage repairs. Please do not charge or try to turn on your device. Electronic products sent for repair within 24-48 hours have the highest success rate for major repairs of water/liquid damage.


Loss or damage to goods is subject to claim policies of the Courier Company. Any damage caused in freight is not Phonelabs responsibility, Phonelab will assist customers with damage claims caused in freight.


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